Integrity VPN for foreigners?

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Integrity VPN for foreigners?

Inlägg av z0rg » ons 22 juli 2020, 20:54

Hej, I am regularly working in Sweden and spend like 2-3 months there. I don't have a house there and I don't have a Personnummer to order with Junet or Bahnhof directly.

Now my question is: Is Integrity VPN only purposed for customers of those 2 ISPs? And is it also possible as a foreigner to order?

Would be great if someone could help me find an answer. I would love to use a swedish VPN solution while being in Sweden especially because I often have to use public Wifi places when I stay in Sweden.

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Re: Integrity VPN for foreigners?

Inlägg av admin » mån 27 juli 2020, 11:35

Yes, Integrity VPN is only available through ISP's, and those currently active in selling it are Bahnhof, Junet, and Stockholms stadsnät.

It seems Stockholms stadsnät lets you order without a personnummer if you pay by card.

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